About NPMahjong & Author

Posted by Nicolas on Personal Blog [Updated 2021-07-22]
About NPMahjong & Author

About the Author

  • *Nicolas Giaconia(aka xkime) - Houou Player
  • Certified Professional Player in Japan
  • Originally a writer and content translator *(Japanese ⇨ English)for Osamuko.com

Hi, my name is Nicolas and I’ve played *Japanese (Riichi) mahjongalmost exclusively for over a decade, ranking highly on multiple tournaments in Japan, online mahjong servers and championships. I’ve been taught by countless of expert-grade players. Along the way, I've found myself teaching others on how to play better in tournaments as well as online.

As a professional mahjong player, I’ve had the opportunity to attended countless of professional study sessions, both on the learning and the teaching side. I am fortunate enough to be friends with many talented professionals who are willing to teach me their craft more deeply than most people would ever get access to, and in turn I try to *pass that knowledge onto the rest of the world. I’m also proud owner of one of the largest Mahjong strategy books collections in Japan.

I am available for mahjong consulting, teaching and translating (see services) - you can also support my efforts (and get a lot of premium content and game reviews) by signing up to my Patreon.

I hope I can help you, as well, to become a better mahjong player today!



Aug 10, 2019 Mahjong Watch

Full-fledged interview with me about mahjong, marketing and languages.

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麻雀人に話を聞こう! 日本プロ麻雀協会 ニコラスプロ

Sep 6, 2018 麻雀新聞


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Apr 29, 2017 高見直人℗


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Apr 2017 日本プロ麻雀協会 文・江崎 文郎


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