About the Author

  • Nicolas Giaconia (aka xkime) - Houou Player
  • Certified Professional Player in Japan
  • Originally a writer and content translator (Japanese ⇨ English) for Osamuko.com

Hi, my name is Nicolas and I’ve played Japanese (Riichi) mahjong exclusively for over a decade, ranking highly on multiple tournaments, online mahjong servers and championships. I’ve been taught by countless of expert-grade players. Along the way, I've found myself teaching others on how to play better in tournaments as well as online.

As a professional mahjong player, I’ve had the opportunity to attended countless of professional study sessions, both on the learning and the teaching side. I am fortunate enough to be friends with many talented professionals who are willing to teach me their craft more so than most people would ever get access to, and in turn pass that knowledge onto the rest of the world. I’m also proud owner of one of the largest Mahjong strategy books collections in Japan.

I am available for mahjong consulting, teaching and translating (see services) - you can also support my efforts (and get a lot of premium content and game reviews) by signing up to my Patreon

I hope I can help you, as well, to become a better mahjong player today!

By: Nicolas from Japan Pro Mahjong Association
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