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Mahjong Services

I am Nicolas, a passionate Mahjong player from Argentina with over 10 years of experience in Japanese Mahjong and a Professional Mahjong Player in Japan. I want to share my love for this game by teaching it to others and spreading the word about the fun that can be had when you play!

Mahjong has been an important part of my life since I was 18 years old so it's no surprise that it continues to be such a big part of who I am today. It's become something more than just a hobby or past time, and more than just my job, but rather an integral part of who I am as person. My favorite thing about playing mahjong is how accepting everyone is at the table - no matter where they come from or what they do for work.

I happily offer the following mahjong services to everyone interested:

Get mahjong coaching from a Mahjong Pro in Japan

Just like you, I wasn’t originally born in Japan. I didn’t know how to speak or read Japanese when I began playing Riichi Mahjong, but for over 10 years I put the necessary work and dedication to learn. I am now a certified professional mahjong player in Japan.

I can share all the professional secrets, strategies, training tips and tactics only with you, so you will be one step closer towards reaching your next mahjong goal more quickly than ever. Give one-on-one coaching a try! Let’s talk!

Mahjong game reviews

Get your games reviewed by a Professional

Mahjong Soul game reviews

Getting your hands reviewed by a professional player will only help you improve. Reviews allow you to evaluate your abilities, identify key misplays in the game and localize the biggest flaws in your play.

Professional reviews are a quick and affordable way to give you more insight into reading, situational judgment, and whole-game thinking -- all necessary skills to rank up online and become the best player in your club! There is also the human factor of encouragement and motivation. Lots of players in Japan ask professionals for game reviews. Now, finally, so can you!

Translation, proof-reading and writing

Mahjong content is very difficult to understand or translate for translators without a mahjong background. Usually, the meaning of the content gets lost, or the entire translation doesn’t make sense.

I’ve been writing and translating mahjong content for years. As a professional player, I understand the nuances behind each mahjong term. I am also fluent in Japanese, English and Spanish. If you need to write, translate, subtitle or proofread articles, videos, media (manga, anime) or books for you drop me a line so I can send you a quote!

Mahjong Translation


You can access most services through my Patreon page but if you want to arrange your learning directly with me, please contact me through this form and we can arrange a plan that's ideal specifically for your case.

What Mahjong Players are Saying

NPMahjong Reviews
NPMahjong Reviews
NPMahjong Reviews

Why Coaching and Reviewing Works

Most of the people I’ve taught have reached their goals; whether it is to reach the next table at online mahjong or play a finals table in a local tournament.

Besides the evident advantage of learning more about the game, coaching helps keep you accountable, driving you towards conscious goal commitment. If you have trouble staying constant, then coaching is probably for you.

“Being stuck” is usually a result of following the same patterns over and over. Coaching acts as a pattern interruptor, deprogramming you and helping to fix those bad habits preventing you from improving.

Live feedback is invaluable towards improving, and most top performers in the world agree that having a mentor figure was key in achieving their results.

Coaching is not just for beginners. Coaching is also about developing the capabilities of high-potential performers by addressing bad habits, providing objective feedback and offering well-needed encouragement.

Get started today.

By: Nicolas from Japan Pro Mahjong Association
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