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Mahjong Game Review for Tenhou (+10 Bonus Key Advice Points)

Mahjong Game Reviews are amazing for improvement. With these 10 extra pieces of advice that you can always use, you'll dominate Tenhou like never before! I will post here an actual example of a game log I was sent recently to review. Maybe you can find some mistakes in common, and it can help you improve as well!

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Tenhou Mahjong Server: A Warning for New Players [Online vs Offline]

Tenhou is a popular online mahjong server, which many people play to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Tenhou has recently been released in English, but it's important to know that Tenhou rules are different from most usual mahjong rulesets, but the game itself is quite challenging and fun! The difference in strategy can be confusing for new players who have never played before but if you want to learn more about how different Tenhou is from other versions of mahjong then keep reading! The following blog post will discuss Tenhou in detail, with examples of how playing offline differs from playing on Tenhou.

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Mahjong Statistics vs Japanese Riichi Players - Who's Right?

There are many statistics that players collect when they play mahjong online. These statistics can be a great way to learn about the game and how it is played, but there's nothing quite like getting advice from more experienced players in person. If you're not sure which data to trust, this blog post will provide some insight into whether or not we should take stats collected by others at face value or if we should rely on our own instincts and experience instead!

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